Our goal is to educate students in the safe and effective use of modern machining techniques and to aid them in the design and fabrication of scientific equipment

Usage Policy

(1) No person may be in the shop or use equipment in the shop at any time without approval from the machinist. After-hours use is currently forbidden.

(2) Priority for the use of machines and getting dedicated help from the machinist goes to those who have reserved these resources online.  Workstation 1 is for students taking the shop course and workstations 2-4 are for qualified users who wish to reserve a particular machine or who need to reserve dedicated help from the machinist.

(3) Walk-ins are welcome whenever the shop is open and space and equipment is available (see previous).  Walk-in users must have passed the shop course, and the machinist will log them in as users on workstations 2-4.  It is recommended that potential walk-in users look to see if any workstations 2-4 are available before showing up, but this is not required.

(4) New users must pass the shop course before they are allowed to work at workstations 2-4, which are intended for users who do not require dedicated help from the machinist.

(5) Users will learn many more rules in the shop course that must be followed at all times; this list is meant to provide a broad overview of the usage policy.


Sign up for a workstation in the shop

The professional shop

In addition to the student shop, the Physical Sciences Machine Shop is just down the hall. Full-time professional machinists are staffed in the shop, which has an array of modern machining tools and capabilities. One of the goals of the student shop course and experience gained from using the shop is to provide students with the knowledge necessary to design and communicate their custom-fabricated equipment needs to professional machinists. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Harry Lockart in the Physical Sciences Machine shop for help with design and fabrication of custom scientific equipment.


The Student Machine Shop Course

To support the research and education mission of the division, the Student Machine Shop offers a course in basic machining practices to members of the division. This class covers safe usage of shop machines. The curriculum of this class has been carefully developed to conform to modern safe machining practices, while also imparting the necessary skills to be a competent machinist.

Once a user has completed the course to the satisfaction of the student shop instructor, they will be eligible to use the shop in accordance with the current usage policy. Unsafe practices may result in revocation of privileges.

To sign up for the machine shop course, please use the contact form on this website to request training.